The Very Best Of The Diablos

Album Notes..

It’s been ten years since the release of our debut album Welcome To The Club and we thought it was time to take a breath, look back and reflect for a moment. This selection of songs includes many of the bands favourites but it’s always tricky deciding what to put in and what to leave out. Our six British Hot Disc Numbers Ones are included of course but apart from that it’s very much a personal choice.

When we originally formed the band, our two objectives were to hopefully write a few good songs but more importantly to have a lot of fun playing them in a “live” setting. It therefore seemed only natural to include some “live “tracks in this compilation. A special thanks then to Craig Wainwright for mixing the “live” songs.

What to call the album led to some intense debate! As we were celebrating our 10th birthday we thought we could follow the current trend and just call it “TEN”. However we thought that a little pretentious sounding coming from a little country band from Brighton. Then we considered adding up all our combined ages and calling the album that. Fortunately someone realised that this title probably wouldn’t fit on the sleeve notes! So we decided on the much less controversial The Very Best Of The Diablos.

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The Very Best Of The Diablos

"The Very Best Of The Diablos" - our very latest 2017 CD

A CD package containing 16 studio tracks from the last ten years plus a bonus live CD containing 11 “live” songs recorded in 2015 at the Conkers outdoor arena, Derbyshire. All original Diablo’s songs except for the spectacular “live” instrumental version of Jessica (originally recorded by The Allman Brothers).

£10.99 (includes post & packing)

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Track Listing...


  1. East Coast Run
  2. Wrong Guy
  3. Lonesome Motel
  4. You're In There Somewhere
  5. I Don't Like Country
  6. Continental
  7. Banks Of The Vilaine
  8. Think Of You
  9. Making Grown Men Cry
  10. My Wandering Heart
  11. Whiskey, Women & Wine
  12. Below the Snowline
  13. Rhinestones & Diamonds
  14. The Same Old Moon
  15. Don't Know How She Done It
  16. Right By Your Side


Recorded 2015 at Conkers Arena

  1. Bad Chrome Job
  2. Will I Get To Sleep
  3. That Dude's A Liar
  4. Bright Lights
  5. Sleep A Whole Lot Easier
  6. Truth And Consequences
  7. Sweetwater
  8. Ain't So Bad
  9. Get Her Back
  10. I Don't Like Country
  11. Jessica *

All songs were written and performed by The Diablos (Except * written by D. Betts)

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